Fund Raising Ideas
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So often, when people think of fund raising, they think BIG!  Many times, individuals talk themselves out of doing anything because they fear they can not do enough.  I am hear to tell you, every little bit helps!  There are many different fund raising ideas you can try and every penny you raise a a penny more than we had before!

Some people like to plan big events and I will share some of those with you later on, but first, I want to share with you little things that most anyone can do with a little bit of time.

1.  I think this one is my favorite one!  A Garage Sale/Yard Sale!!
I love this one because if gives me reason to clean out my house!  You can either hold a garage sale all on your own, or have family members, friends, and co-workers contribute to it.  After you set a date, contact your local media and see if they would be willing to run an add at no charge.  Many places will be willing to do this.  At your sale, you could have the kids get involved by selling Kool-aid or cookies, or both.  You can also have a donation jar set up with information about the charity and the cause.  At our first Garage Sale, we had 4 families contribute items to the sale.  We were able to raise $750 for the Zachary Brooks CHD Endowment.  Our 2nd sale didn't go quite as good, we only asked 2 families to contribute and were only able to raise about $200, but it was $200 more than we had before!

2.  A Car Wash is another good and fun way to raise a little bit of money.  Usually these are not BIG money makers, but they are a lot of fun and a great way to get a little tan.  You can contact your church or a local car dealership and increase your chance at a great turnout by more publicity.  These are a great summer time event that the whole family can get involved in.

3.  The famous letter campaign.  Come up with a letter, tell about the cause, tell where the money is going, and tell why it is important to you.  Send the letter out to anyone and everyone you know.  Have friends and family members send the letter to their friends and family.   

4.  Get companies to give to your cause!  There are many companies and groups out there that way to give money to a good cause.  Send them letters asking them to support YOUR cause.  Some companies will put up donation jars, others will send checks, others will do nothing at all, but you don't know until you ask!  The worst they can say is no.

5.  Raffles ... Raffles can be a lot of fun!  Contact local stores (by phone, letters, or going in person), business, anyone that has something to give away.  It can be gift certificates to hotels, movie theaters, resturants, oil changes, anywhere!  You can sell raffle tickets (1 for $1,  3 for $2, and 10 for $5 for an example).  Have friends and family members bring the tickets to work to sell them, sell them to members of your church, go door to door, sell them to anyone and everyone you know!  Put a time limit on the selling of tickets, when the time is up, hold a drawing.  All the prizes are given as a donation, you have little or no cost involved, it is all profit for the organization!!
Always check your local laws to before holding any fund raising event.  All states, cities, and towns have different guidelines.  Be sure to check yours before holding an event.